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There are 10, to choose from, according to analytics platform App Annie, such as Co-Star, which uses Nasa data along with professional astrologers to offer readings as well as allowing users to check their compatibility with their friends and partners. Sanctuary started out as a Facebook Messenger bot, allowing a conversational way for people to explore their horoscopes.

Thanks to its popularity, Sanctuary expanded into an iOS app.

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Armed with the seed funding, it will be rolling out several new features including full, personalised star charts, notifications about daily rising-sign horoscopes and animated power emojis for rising and solar signs. These go alongside daily horoscopes and live readings with professional astrologers and astrological guides.

Mystic Meg, this is not. Start planning your holiday now! An eventful life is what they thrive for, always. A highly sensual and tactile sign, Taureans places great value on touching.

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Expect them to touch and explore everything and everyone. A great orator, Geminis love intellectual challenges. Throw them one, and they'll grab it with open arms. It can swing from good to bad to worse in no time.

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When in love, Leos go all out to please their partners. Driven by passion, they will bring in elements of adventure, thrill and fun into the relationship. A problem-solver, Virgos make great friends. They excel in giving heartfelt advice and will be the first ones to help someone in need.

A Libran is a master when it comes to maintaining a balance between spending and savings. A perfect shopping partner indeed.

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Scorpios make great lovers. Deeply passionate, they know how to keep it interesting with the right amount of sassiness and intensity. Considered the luckiest of all the zodiac signs, change is the only constant in their lives. Traveling and friends reign supreme for them. Trust a Capricorn to display affection for their loved ones. They do not believe in holding back when it comes to matters of the heart.

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A little of eccentricity, a little bit of airiness is what make up Aquarians. They can come up with the wackiest of ideas and make them work. A die-hard romantic, Pisceans cherish intimacy. They love to shower their partners with gifts from time to time. If getting push notifications regarding your horoscope is a bit much, dip your toes in the astrology pool on Instagram, with 3. Kenya, Somalia in row over airspace. Messi admits he almost left Barca. Naomi Campbell on being single. Mid-air scare for Ethiopian Airlines. Speaker Elachi resumes office. Raila's car seized over tax evasion. Malawi policeman stoned to death. Kenyatta University closed. This elite team fights arsonists torching the amazon. Wine's another concert cancelled.

Zim doctors lament services. Botswana rhinos risk wipeout. Jolie's stunning red carpet dress. Kim Kardashian says parenting can be gruelling. Mariah on her MeToo moment. Nagelsmann may replace Solskjaer. Ghana reach Wafu Cup finals. Polack: Will finish my contract. Queen's code name revealed. I'm not saying your intense emotions are completely unjustified, Cancerian, nor do I recommend that you repress them.

I'm simply asking you to let some time pass before you take action on your feelings. His explanation: Many patients have idiosyncratic genes that prevent the medicines from functioning as they were designed to. In my opinion, Leo, there's a similar principle at work regarding just about everything that conventional wisdom says is good for you. That's always important to keep in mind, of course, but especially for you right now. More than ever, you'll benefit profoundly from not only questioning authorities and experts, but giving them the third degree.

Typically the cocoon is dunked in boiling water to kill the pupa inside before it can chew its way out. Another precious material with gross origins is ambergris. It's a foul-smelling excrement that sperm whales vomit.

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After years of exposure to the sun while floating on the ocean, it transforms into an aromatic, waxy substance that's used as a major ingredient in perfume. Silk and ambergris are your personal power symbols in the coming weeks, Virgo. I predict that you'll turn crap into treasure. That's especially true for you this week, Libra.

You shouldn't automatically believe every bit of feedback about yourself that comes your way, either from mirrors or any other source. Be skeptical of every image that people have of you, and don't sit there passively while they barrage you with their expectations. In order to further upgrade your integrity a project I hope you're in the midst of , you may have to make yourself immune, at least temporarily, to what everyone thinks of you.

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  • You're skilled at swinging from one trapeze to another. You have utmost confidence in your timing and concentration and grip, so that when you let go of one bar and are flying toward the next, there's no doubt you'll make it. I believe that your life has now brought you to a transition that's metaphorically similar to the moment of being in between trapezes. Don't think too hard as you soar across the abyss; trust your instincts. While serving seven terms, she was an outspoken warrior who fought tirelessly for the rights of women, minorities, and the poor.

    Her supporters complained that she was consorting with the enemy, but years later it paid off. Wallace helped her win the votes of southern congressmen when she sponsored legislation to give domestic workers a minimum wage. Be like Chisholm this week, Sagittarius: Even as you open your big mouth to articulate controversial truths, reach out to those who disagree with you. They've heard that it should be included in astrological thinking, and that it messes up the whole zodiacal system.

    Here's the truth: The proponents of Ophiuchus are self-described debunkers who hate astrology. Furthermore, they haven't actually taken the trouble to educate themselves about the ancient art. If they did even a smattering of honest investigation, they'd see how irrelevant their theory is.

    Let this serve as a cautionary tale, Capricorn. Right now it's crucial that you get your facts straight before critiquing anyone. Make sure that those who want to analyze you do the same.