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They are not easily thrown off track. While their lives may be breaking apart all around them, they are able to maintain a laser focus on the things that need to be done. This is why a lot of people are convinced that Capricorns born on January 13 are masters of self-discipline. Your inner world can get the better of you. Your inner world really is all about classifying people into easy to control and segment groups.

You want to know quickly and efficiently who you should be kind to, and who you should disregard. While this works for the most part, it can lead to you becoming very detached from people. It also tends to kill your innate ability for empathy.

Associating Zodiac Signs With Elements

Believe it or not, if you want to achieve the highest levels of success in life, you have to master the art of empathy. You may not necessarily have to agree with people, you just have to know how to step into their shoes. Not surprisingly, there are other people that can see right through you and understand that you are quite bossy and dismissive. Earth is the governing element of people born on January 13 th. In this aspect, your Capricorn nature is particularly grounded. This gives you a tremendous amount of confidence in whatever it is you are doing so you can achieve greater and greater levels of personal excellence and effectiveness.

Saturn is your biggest planetary influence. You focus on hierarchies. You like to put people in neatly labeled boxes, not because you want to control them, but because you want to control your reactions to them.

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You believe that you only have so much energy to spare. This is why you go about labelling people, to maximize whatever input you have towards those people. While your strong will can pay off tremendously, always remember that your mouth is your biggest enemy. You are perfectly welcome to think of the world in terms of classifications and hierarchies. However, keep in mind that there is a strong negative consequence and even hell to pay if you are very indelicate regarding how you choose to verbalize your beliefs. Black is the absence of color and this is what makes it so powerful and pure.

In fact, black is so powerful that light cannot escape. Indeed, given your tremendous amount of focus, you can be a quite intimidating presence in any kind of social situation. Use this to your advantage. People who were born as a Capricorn on the 13th January are often independently minded, and they demonstrate this tendency from a young age either by lone-wolf tendencies, or by deflecting questions from friends and family they feel are too prying. Yet one theme in dreams for those born under the 13th January zodiac often remark on behind closed doors is dreaming about their mothers. The context of these dreams can vary wildly — in some, she will be cloying and impossible to escape from.

Decisions can have a snowball effect today; avoid saying anything until you have to do so. Skating by is the order of the day today. Waiting, tuning in, and biding your time will serve you well. A relationship may feel on odd footing. Breathe into the moments. Expect the unexpected, and let your intuition guide you.

You do you and let others do them! We get it! Avoid conflict today and aim to remove yourself from situations. Most of the conflicts that arise are deep rooted patterns and things the other person simply may not be able to help. Ride the adrenaline wave and get on a self-improvement kick.

January 13 Birthday Astrology

Today is a good day to skip social plans in favor of doing some personal upkeep this eveening. Instead of getting frustrated, back off. Trying to push someone into a commitment or promise will only backfire. Stop waiting for plans. Make plans. You have pushed yourself to the limit over the past few weeks and need to take a break. You may have a mountain of work to get through but your physical, mental and emotional well-being is more important by far, so slow down!

You may be impatient to try something new but Saturn, planet of restriction, will hold you back this weekend. It may be frustrating but in the fullness of time you will understand it was for your own good.

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Take it easy — there's no need to rush. A problem you have been striving to resolve for ages will sort itself out this weekend and you will be thankful for that. However, you will also be angry with yourself for not seeing what needed to be done. No one expects you to be perfect. Everyone seems to be talking about you at the moment — at least that's the way it appears. Chances are though that you are reading into their words meaning that isn't really there.

source link You're not the only one worth gossiping about you know! A colleague's misfortune could be your good luck this weekend and while it's nice of you to feel bad about it you must not let that stop you from taking advantage of the situation.

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Would they feel sorry for you if the situation was reversed? By all means demand freedom of action for yourself this weekend but don't then go and try to deny it to other people. Saturn in your sign will send back at you the thoughts and words and actions you put out into the world, so make them positive!

Great changes are taking place in your world and, of course, that makes you fearful to a certain extent. But you should know from past experience that even if change is hard in the short-term it is invariably beneficial in the long-term, so stick with it.

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If a friend or colleague points out some of your failings this weekend don't get all defensive and deny that you are doing anything wrong. Listen to what they tell you, thank them for their insights and then resolve to change yourself for the better.