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Though he is stubborn, his big heart makes up for it. There are times when he will put me first, show me great love and compassion and beam optimism in every situation. There will be days when I'm uncertain of what I'm doing in my life, but it's in his Taurus nature to look ahead to a bright future and bring optimism into the situation. Taurus naturally put their family above most everything else.

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His family life brings steadiness into my life, which gives me a positive outlook for what our future family has the potential to be. The hardworking nature of the Taurus inspires me to push myself to my full ability, believe in myself and never give up. The Taurus doesn't give up easily, even if things don't go as planned. My boyfriend definitely exhibits this trait, and he uses it to encourage me and make me a better person.

Our signs both tend to be extremely blunt and honest, no matter the situation. I never have to hide my feelings or my thoughts, and I never have to pretend to be something I'm not.

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Every sign has its own quirks that only come out when aligned with other signs. For most people, the Taurus brings out the best in them. Gemini : Not least among their issues, Taurus and Gemini possess two very different energy levels. Gemini is flighty and even hyper at times, while Taurus is all about being slow and steady. Unions between these two are generally very short-lived and do not generally lead to long-term commitment. This is another astrology love match that tends to have a shorter shelf life when it occurs, as opposed to a longer one.

Taurus : As is the case when it comes to many two-of-a-kind matches, two Taurus natives together can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they both share a strong desire to make money, achieve security, and maintain a peaceful environment for them both to enjoy.

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On the other hand, this has a tendency to be a union that lacks enough excitement to keep it interesting over time. However, if both individuals maintain separate interests and find a way to curb their possessive Taurean tendencies, this could certainly be a union built to last. However, both of these signs have a tendency to be possessive and argumentative when things get thorny.

If Scorpio and Taurus can find a way to become more tolerant of one another, think before they act, and give each other sufficient room to move, this union has a chance. Taurus Compatibility.

Taurus Man And Gemini Woman: The Love Affair The Taurus male looks for calm and peace whereas the Gemini female is always in the middle of chaos which makes it difficult to sustain a balance, unless they do try their best to resolve. The Taurus man has a very strong memory not just regarding incidents but he will also not forget the lessons learnt in life.

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The Taurus man may grab this opportunity of being with a Gemini woman to learn a lot of things from her, as he knows how clever, smart and intellectual she is. Though sometimes it may turn out to be difficult for the Taurus man to reciprocate with what the Gemini woman is trying to teach as he takes his own time in collecting and imbibing information. But the female Gemini does show a lot of sympathy for the male Taurus, and tries to comprehend with him and grow a strong bonding together, which makes the the Taurus man and Gemini woman compatibility a stable alliance.

They will also experience a good intimate relationship, where the Gemini woman will ususally be the one taking the lead, and the Taurus man, though being a shy person, will try to follow the lead and maker her feel satisfied in bed with adoration and romance.

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This makes her honest, reasonable and also intellectually driven. But they do face problems in finding a stability within to experience tranquility, which may make the Taurus male a bit uncomfortable.

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The difference in their opinions also raises issues on how they may apprehend with one another to live a happy married life as per astrology. The female Gemini is someone who admires being given her own space and independence, whereas the male Taurus may stick to his roots and conclusions that he has formed through his calculations. This staunch attitude may bother her sometimes.

This may also stirr some problems for her as well, and she may think that her freedom is at stake, being in this relation.

Also the fact that the male Taurus may sometimes not be able to rely on the female Gemini thinking that she may be living in a deception of some sorts, may also hamper the relation. The Gemini women are ruled by the Air sign, which makes them want to spend sometime alone with themselves.

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This may not be appreciated by the male Taurus who may think that the female Gemini wants to to be detached from him. This will hurt the Taurus man and will be inflicted with this pain forever if they dont talk it out. Thus it becomes neccessary to share their emotions so that there is no negative affect on the Taurus man and Gemini woman love compatibility. They just have to keep in mind the differences that they have, and act accordingly to sustain the Taurus man compatibility with Gemini woman.

They will also have a variety of conversations with one another about varied topics which the Taurus man will find it really interesting. He will admire her of how intellectually driven she is and she will appreciate the fact that he is such a good listener. Both the Taurus and Gemini have a lot to share, learn, extract and implement from one another. Qualities that are present in one and which are absent in the other, generally make a good love match, as there is so much to discover.

If they share their sentiments and opinions without being judgemental, the Taurus man and Gemini woman compatibility will shine like the Sun, in their relationship.

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